Porcelain Labware

Porecelain Evaporating Basins
Cat No. Diameter Capacity
PCL101 50mm 30ml
PCL102 60mm 40ml
PCL103 75mm 100ml
PCL104 85mm 125ml
PCL105 100mm 175ml
PCL106 110mm 250ml
PCL107 125mm 350ml
PCL108 150mm 650ml
PCL109 175mm 800ml
PCL110 200mm 1000ml
PCL111 250mm 2000ml
PCL112 300mm 4000ml
PCL113 350mm 6500ml
PCL114 400mm 14000ml
PCL115 450mm 20000ml

Hirsch Funnels
Cat No. Size
PCL116 25.0mm
PCL117 37.5mm
PCL118 50.0mm
PCL119 75.0mm
PCL120 100.0mm

Buchner Funnels
Cat No. Size
PCL121 35.0mm
PCL122 50.0mm
PCL123 60.0mm
PCL124 75.0mm
PCL125 85.0mm
PCL126 100.0mm
PCL127 125.0mm
PCL128 150.0mm
PCL129 200.0mm
PCL130 250.0mm
PCL131 300.0mm

Cat No. Diameter
PCL132 50mm
PCL133 75mm
PCL134 100mm
PCL135 150mm

Porecelain Crucibles
Cat No. Capacity
PCL136 5ml (without Lid)
PCL137 10ml (with Lid)
PCL138 15ml (with Lid)
PCL139 18ml (with Lid)
PCL140 25ml (with Lid)
PCL141 30ml (with Lid)
PCL142 50ml (with Lid)
PCL143 80ml (with Lid)
PCL144 100ml (with Lid)
PCL145 150ml (with Lid)
PCL146 200ml (with Lid)
PCL147 250ml (with Lid)


Gooch Crucibles

Cat No. Capacity
PCL148 20ml
PCL149 25ml
PCL150 30ml
PCL151 40ml
PCL152 50ml
PCL153 100ml
PCL154 200ml

Spare Lids for Crucibles
Cat No. Size
PCL155 For 5ml crucibles
PCL156 For 10ml crucibles
PCL157 For 15ml crucibles
PCL158 For 18ml crucibles
PCL159 For 25ml crucibles
PCL160 For 50ml crucibles

Plates for Dessicators
Cat No. Size
PCL161 For 100mm Dessicator
PCL162 For 125mm Dessicator
PCL163 For 150mm Dessicator
PCL164 For 200mm Dessicator
PCL165 For 250mm Dessicator
PCL166 For 300mm Dessicator

Pestles and Mortars
Cat No. Outside Size
PCL167 60mm
PCL168 75mm
PCL169 85mm
PCL170 100mm
PCL171 115mm
PCL172 125mm
PCL173 150mm
PCL174 175mm
PCL175 200mm
PCL176 250mm
PCL177 300mm
PCL178 350mm

  Mercury Trough
Cat No. Shape
PCL179 Round Form
PCL180 Oval Form

  Beehive Shelves
Cat No. Size
PCL181 60mm
PCL182 75mm
PCL183 85mm
PCL184 100mm

Porous Pots (Refractory)
Cat No. Height Diameter
PCL185 75mm 35mm
PCL186 100mm 25mm
PCL187 150mm 50mm
PCL188 150mm 60mm

  Porous Plates (Refractory)
Cat No. Height Diameter
PCL189 25mm 100mm
PCL190 25mm 125mm
PCL191 25mm 150mm

  Porous Pots (Filled)
Cat No. Size
PCL192 150x50mm-Ordinary Quality
PCL193 150x50mm-Export Quality

Clay Pipe Triangles
Cat No. Size
PCL194 50mm
PCL195 60mm
PCL196 75mm

Clay Pipes (Refractory)
Cat No. Size
PCL197 50mm
PCL198 60mm
PCL199 75mm

  Combustion Boats
Cat No. Size
PCL200 80 x 12 x 10 mm
PCL201 90 x 12 x 11 mm
PCL202 Kumar Brand 88mm

  Combustion Tubes
Cat No. Size
PCL203 600 x 17 x 22 mm
PCL204 600 x 19 x 24 mm

Inhalers - Dr. Nelson Type
Cat No. Size
PCL205 750ml (with cork & tube)
PCL206 750ml (without cork & tube)

  Spotting Plates
Cat No. Size
PCL207 6 Depressions
PCL208 12 Depressions

Filter Discs
Cat No. Diameter
PCL209 25mm
PCL210 20-23mm

  Acids Bowls
Cat No. Size
PCL211 100mm
PCL212 125mm
PCL213 150mm

  Moth Crushing Set
Cat No. Size
PCL214 With 10 pestles
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