Wide Mouth Wash Bottles
These wash bottles made of polyethylene have wide mouth that enables easy fillings as well as cleaning. The unique feature of the cap is through the top closure and stem moulded in one piece.
Material :Low Density Polyethylene
Catalogue No. Capacity ml Packing
PGW119/01 500 12pcs

Conical Flask
Made of Polypropylene, these cone shaped flasks are rigid, translucent & autoclavable. The screw cap keeps the contents of the flask contamination free and makes the flask leakproof. Threads should be disengaged before autoclaving.
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Capacity ml Packing
PPW120/01 100 12pcs
PPW120/02 250 12pcs
PPW120/03 500 12pcs

Speciman Jar (Gas Jar)
These transparent Specimen Jars, used for preseving different specimnes in the lab are provided with a cap that fits in tight. These jars provided excellent protectin to the species preserved in it.
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Cap mm Packing
PPW121/01 12pcs 12pcs

Fisher Clamp
These Clamps are moulded in Polypropylene making it completely corrosion-proof. The spring loaded jack in the middle provides a vice like grip to the Burette and prevents it from slipping. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods having dia 1/2" or 3/8".
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW122/01 FC-Single 12pcs
PPW122/02 FC-Double 6pcs

Funnel Holder
Made of Polypropylene, these corrosion free funnel holders can hold funnels with dia 3" to 6". The extra plate provided can be placed to hold funnels bearing dia 1" to 3". Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on Rods having dia 1/2" to 3/8".
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW123/01 F-Holder 12pcs

Seperator Funnel Holder
This non-corrosive Seperatory Funnel Holder, moulded in Polypropylene, has a front opening which provides cleas view of the solution and allows unobstructed placement of sperating funnels. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods having dia 1/2" or 3/8".
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW124/01 SFHolder 12pcs

Flask Stand
Moulded in Polypropylene, this Flask Stand gives a stair like top view. Every step provides execellent support to the round bottom flask at every point of contact. This Flask Stand can ho;d round bottom Flasks up to 10 Ltr. capacity. This Stackable Flask Stand can also be steam autoclaved.
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW125/01 Flask Stand 6pcs

Connectors (T & Y)
Made of Polypropylene, these Connectors are basically pipe-like structures in T & Y shapes with ringed edges. These are used for connecting tubes to each other. The edged prevent leakage & Slippage.
Material :Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW126/01 T-Connectors 6mm 36pcs
PPW126/02 Y-Connectors 6mm 36pcs
PPW126/03 T-Connectors 8mm 36pcs
PPW126/04 Y-Connectors 8mm 36pcs

Connectors (T & Y -New)
These connectors add to the existing range of connectors. The crest & valley structure provided at all the ends of the connectors give excellent leakproof grip to the tube.
Material :Polyethylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW127/01 T-Connector 6mm 36pcs
PPW127/02 T-Connector 6mm 36pcs
PPW127/03 T-Connector 8mm 36pcs
PPW127/04 T-Connector 8mm 36pcs
PPW127/05 T-Connector 10mm 36pcs
PPW127/06 T-Connector 10mm 36pcs

Connectors (Cross)
These four way connectors prove to be an excellent option for achieving leakproof joints in tubing connections.
Material :Polyethylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW128/01 Cross Connector 6mm 36pcs
PPW128/02 Cross Connector 8mm 36pcs
PPW128/03 Cross Connector 10mm 36pcs

Connectors (L Shaped)
These L shaped connector also add to the range of different connectors committed to provide excellent leakproof tube arrangement
Material :Polyethylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW129/01 L Connector 6mm 36pcs
PPW129/02 L Connector 8mm 36pcs
PPW129/03 L Connector 10mm 36pcs

Animal Cage
Available in two different sizes, these Cages provide excellent shelter for different animal species in the laboratory. The metallic top provides proper ventilation and has provisions for feeding the species.
Material :Polyethylene / Stainless Steel
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PGW130/01 290 x 220 x 140 mm 1pcs
PGW130/02 430 x 270 x 150 mm 1pcs
PGW130/03 Water Bottle- 125 ml 12pcs
PGW130/04 Water Bottle- 250 ml 12pcs

Animal Cage (Twin Grill)
Adding in line with the existing range, these Animal Cages are provided with a Stainless Steel grill at the bottom of the cage to provide a clean surface for the species to move on.
Material: Polyethylene / Stainless Steel
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PGW131/01 290 x 220 x 140 1pcs
PGW131/02 430 x 270 x 150 1pcs

Retort Stand
These non-corrosive, moulded Retort Stands provide excellent replacement for the metal ones. Even the metallic rod has a polypropylene covering making it non-corrosive. The rod measuring 12.5mm x 750mm can be screwed into the heavy base giving way to a perfectly stable Retort Stand.
Material :Polystyrene / Polypropylene
Catalogue No. Type Packing
PPW132/01 255x150mm-Side Hole 1pcs
PPW132/02 300x200mm-Centre Hole 1pcs
PPW132/03 300x200mm-Side Hole 1pcs

Desiccator (Vaccum)
Polylab Desiccators are made of Polypropylene and Polycarbonate. These autoclavable vaccum desiccators can hold vaccum upto 740mm of Hg for 24 hrs. without any greasing.
The top dome, moulded in rigid and transparent Polycarbonate, give a crystal clear view of the deciccant placed inside. The Knurled knob on the top provides easy handling of the dome. The lower part is made of Polypropylene. An internal groove is provided on the flange to hold a silicon rubber O-Ring.
The Polypropylene stopcock is fitted with a self lubricating PTEE plug. This plug works three way i.e. vaccum creation, shutting off & vaccum releasing.
Each Desiccator is provided with a thick perforated Polypropylene disc with a big hole in the centre for easy lifting. The tiny holes in the discprovide air troughs & support to the dishes. However porecelain discs are advisable in case of incandescent crucibles.
Material :Polypropylene / Polycarbonate
Catalogue No. Cap mm Flange O.D. mm I.D. (mm) Packing
PPW133/01 150 171 150 1pcs
PPW133/02 200 232 199 1pcs
PPW133/03 250 276 240 1pcs
PPW133/04 300 340 300 1pcs
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