" Sales Code MLG1573 "

Of hard wood accurately cut in different colours.
Type A B C D
Size 1 2 5 10
" Sales Code MLG1575"

10mm side in plastic/wooden case set of 7.
Type A B C D E F G
Material Aluminium Copper Brass Iron Lead Zinc Tin
  Assorted Material
" Sales Code MLG1576"

20mm side of different material for investigating density.
Type A B C D E
Material Aluminium Copper Brass Iron Lead
Type F G H I J
Material Zinc Marble Glass Hard Wood Soft Wood

Materials Kit (Solids) :
" Sales Code MLG1577"
A variety of materials in form of rectangular blocks, intended to familiarise the student with the appearance. 'Feel', teture, hardness and density of a range of common substances. Kit comprises two of each of seventeen blocks as detailed below.
Blocks, 50 x 40 x 30 mm
Softwood, hardwood, paraffin wax, aluminium, iron, foamed polystyrene.
Blocks, 20 x 20 x 10 mm
Perspex, glass, slate, aluminium, softwood, marble.
Blocks, other sizes
Lead 50 x 50 x 20 mm, aluminium 50 x 50 x 80 mm, hardwood 50 x 50 x 20 mm, brass 20 x 20 x 50 mm, iron 40 x 40 x 20 mm pack.

Young's Modulus Apparatus
" Sales Code MLG1578"

Comprises Of A Brass Scale 100 Mm Long With Vernier Reading To 0.1 Mm With Clamping Screws For Clamping To Wires,Support Clamp For Fixing To Ceiling ,Two Steel Wires 3m Long And A Tension Weight.
Young's Modulus Apparatus, Searle's Pattern
" Sales Code MLG1579"

Comprises Of Two Steel Frames Connected By A Link. The Frames Are Fitted With Self Centring Collets.One Of The Frames Is Fitted With A Micrometer Screw Which Reads To 0.01 Mm And Main Scale Of 0-10 Mm. One End Of A Sensitive Spirit Level Is Pivoted To One Of The Frames The Other End Rests On The Point Of A Micrometer Screw Fitted In The Other Frame,Provision For Fixing On Celing .Supplied With 5 Meters Of Wire And A Tension Weight .

Elastic Material Investigation Kit
" Sales Code MLG1580"
The Kit Comprises Of Various Material For Experiments To Explore 'Elasticity' By Performing Experiments On Compression ,Torsion , Extension And Elastic Limits.
The Kit Consists Of:Items Qty.
Elastic Cords With Eyelets 12 Pcs
Expendable Steel Springs 25 Pcs
Copper Wire,50gm Reel 32 S.W.G. 1 Reel
Copper Wire,50gm Reel 26 S.W.G. 2 Reel
Wide Steel Springs 2 Pcs

Displacement Vessel, Tin/Brass
" Sales Code MLG1581"

With overflow spout for specific gravity experiments; size of vessel 115 x 50 mm approx.
Displacement Vessel, Glass
" Sales Code MMLG1582"

Borosilicate Glass Cylinder with over flow spout.
Dimension : 120 x 65 mm L D Dia. Approx.
  Displacement Vessel, Large
" Sales Code MLG1583"

Hammertone coloured tinplate; with handle and over flow spout; size of vessel 225 x 125 mm approx.


Clear Plastic Container
" Sales Code MLG1584"

For Use In Simple Experiments To Compare The Densities Of liquid And Granules Powder , Etc. With Graduation 100 Mm From Base .
Steel Spheres
" Sales Code MLG1585"

In Dia , Mm : 6 , 12 , 16 , 19 , 25 Etc.

  Steel Springs
" Sales Code MLG1586"

Approximately 220 Mm Long ,6 Mm Dia ,With Looped Ends.
Approximately 80 Mm Long ,8 Mm Dia ,With Looped Ends.
Large Compression Springs 300 X 10 Mm (L X Dia).
Spring Indexes For Fitting To Helical Springs To Provide A Reference Pointer For Extension Measurements .  
Soft Latex Foam Blocks 8 Pcs
" Sales Code MLG1587"

Valve Rubber Tubing Length 6 Lengths
Soft Rubber Erasers 25 Pcs
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