Set of Masses, Brass
" Sales Code MLG1501"
100 Gms. This improved set comprises a 10 gms. Wire hanger with nine slotted masses each of 10 gms. Accuracy ± 5%.
200 Gms. Comprising 1 hanger 100 gms., 9 slotted weights 100 gms., total 1000 gms. Accuracy ± 3%.
500 Gms. Comprising 1 hanger 100 gms., 9 slotted weights 100 gms., total 1000 gms. Accuracy ± 3%.
1000 Gms. Comprising 1 hanger 100 gms., 9 slotted weights 100 gms., total 1000 gms. Accuracy ± 3%.
Slotted Masses Iron
 " Sales Code MLG1502"
Made of Cast Iron, black enamelled finish, with large hole in the centre and small slot designed to prevent masses sliding of hanger. Accuracy ± 5%.
Type A B C D E F
Mass (gms.) 50 100 200 500 1000 2000
Mass Hangers Iron
" Sales Code MLG1503"
Or Iron for masses.
Type A B C D E F
Mass (gms.) 50 100 200 500 1000 2000
Masses, Iron, Metric
" Sales Code MLG1504"
Hexagonal shape with lifting rings, painted.
Mass Wt.
Type A B C D E F G
Cap.(gms) 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000


Force Table
" Sales Code MLG1506"

For verifying the laws of composition and resolution of forces, comprising a machined aluminium table 40 cm dia. Its raised rim has engine divided scale graduated 360°, on heavy vertical support rod and tripod base. Complete with 1 ring, 4 sliding clamp pulleys, 4 weight hangers and 12 weights (2 x 10 gms, 2 x 20 gms, 4 x 50 gms, 4 x 100 gms).
Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus
" Sales Code MLG1507"

For verifying the relation between forces acting at a point. Board 750 x 500 x 12 mm on battens, with two aluminium pulleys 50 mm diameter, with clamp for mounting in any position; four S-hooks, scale pan 100 mm diameter. Without masses.



Single Plastic
" Sales Code MLG1508"

Polypropylene pulley of diameter 50 mm mounted in an aluminium frame with hooks.
Single Metal
" Sales Code MLG1509"

Made of aluminium pulley of diameter 50 mm mounted in brass frame with hooks.
Double Parallel Plastic
" Sales Code MLG1510"

With two wheels of polypropylene pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an aluminium frame with hooks.
Double Parallel Metal
" Sales Code MLG1511"

With two wheels of aluminium pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an brass frame with hooks.
Triple Parallel Plastic :
" Sales Code MLG1512"

With three wheels of polypropylene pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an aluminium frame with hooks.
Triple Parallel Metal
" Sales Code MLG1513"

With three wheels of aluminium pulleys of diameter 50 mm in an brass frame with hooks.
Double in Line Plastic
" Sales Code MLG1514"

Two polypropylene pulleys of diameter 50, 40 mm in an aluminium frame with two hooks.
Double in Line Metal
" Sales Code MLG1515"

Two aluminium pulleys of diameter 50, 40 mm in brass frame with two hooks.
Triple in Line Plastic
" Sales Code MLG1516"

Three polypropylene pulleys of diameter 50, 40, 30 mm in aluminium frame with two hooks.
Triple in Line Metal
" Sales Code MLG1517"

Three aluminium pulleys of diameter 50, 40, 30 mm in brass frame with two hooks.
Differential, Aluminium
" Sales Code MLG1518"

A one-piece triple pulley with diameters of 38, 51 and 63.5 mm in metal frame with hook.
Aluminium, Single Clamp type
" Sales Code MLG1519"

A 50 mm diameter pulley with a wide groove, mounted in iron frame, designed for clamping to the edge of a bench with the pulley in a vertical plane. The clamp will accept a bench top of up to 25 mm thickness.
Pulley All Purpose
" Sales Code MLG1520"

Aluminium pulley 50 mm diameter with groove for cord, mounted in iron frame. The frame is universal type with 2 clamping screws. The pulley can be clamped in any position on bench, rod upto 13 mm dia. Wall or on table etc.
Pulley Block (Midget Hoist)
" Sales Code MLG1521"

Tested to 680 Kg. For safe working load of 225 Kg. Two four blocks lubricating wheels 32 mm diameter safety hooks at top and bottom and autogrip device, with nylon rope 22m long for lift 2.5m lift. Mass of unit 0.7 Kg.
All System
" Sales Code MLG1522"

Almost every kind of pulley experiment can be demonstrated with the help of this equipment. It is very much interesting and of educational value to students, comprising of wooden polished base of 100 x 20 cm size with two metal supports, and a horizontal bar having eight adjustable collars with hooks from which pulleys can be suspended. The following accessories are provided with the unit. Single pulley with hooks 7, Pulley Triple long 2, Pulley Triple parallel 2, Wheel and axle 1, Capstan 1, Slotted weights hanger 50 gm 7, 10 gm 3, 20 gm 3, 50 gm 2, 100 gm 7, 200 gm 4.
Rod Type
" Sales Code MLG1523"

Aluminium pulley 38 mm diameter, mounted on light alloy rod 10 mm diameter, 150 mm long.
Board Mounting
" Sales Code MLG1524"

Aluminium pulley, 22 mm diameter, in metal bracket with mounting plate 35 mm long, with fixing holes.
Aluminium, Plain Bearing
" Sales Code MLG1525"

Comprising a 70 mm diameter pulley with a wide groove for whipcord, mounted in an iron frame designed for clamping to the edge of a bench with the pulley in a vertical plane.The clamp will accept bench tops of upto 25 mm thickness.

  Screw Jack
" Sales Code MLG1526"

For demonstrating the efficiency and coefficient of friction. Grooved light alloy platform, 17.5 cms diameter; screw with 12 mm pitch square thread; cast iron base with arm and clamp for holding pulley on stem at any height. With scale pan 15 cms diameter and 2 meter cord.
Train of Gear Wheels
" Sales Code MLG1527"

For demonstrating the relationship between velocity ratio and number of teeth. Three gear wheels, approximately 60, 80, 110 pitch diameter, with 12, 18, 24 teeth respectively, each mounted on wooden board provided with grooves for adjusting gear wheels by changing belt. Overall dimensions approximately 240 x 260 x 300 mm.
Double Cone on Ramp
" Sales Code MLG1528"

The inclined plane consist of two tapered slats conversing at their lower ends. When the double ended cone roller is placed on the plane, it rolls towards the high end. Thus the centre of mass of the roller is lowered as the roller moves "up" the slope made of hardwood polished.
Dimensions : 700 x 40 x 70 mm.
Projectile Apparatus
" Sales Code MLG1529"

To illustrate that a body impelled horizontally will fall vertically at the same rate as a similar body allowed to fall freely. Comprises spring loaded, L section launcher with holes for locating two 19 mm dia steel balls which act as projectiles. Launcher is released by push button and projects one ball forward which allows the other to fall freely mounted on wooden block, 180 x 60 x 30 mm with storage pocket for balls. Complete with 2 steel balls.
Collision in Two Dimensional Kit
" Sales Code MLG1530"

Curved ramps 260 x 325 mm. Length x radius with metal ball track, fitted to base 140 x 90 mm length x width, one adjustable ball supports, one clamp to fit slot on base of ramp. One plumb line assembly and 2 steel ball 12 mm dia

" Sales Code MLG1531"

Flat form with hook and brass lacquered scale, after Salter design. Most accurate.
Type A B C D E F G
Cap. (gms) 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Sub Divided 1 2 5 10 20 50 100
" Sales Code MLG1532"

Flat form with hook and brass lacquered scale, after Salter design. Most accurate.
Type A B C D E F G
Cap.(gms) 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Tubular Metric
" Sales Code MLG1533"

Metal tube with hook.
Type A B C D E
Cap. (gms) 100 200 500 1000 2000
Sub Divided 1 2 5 10 20
Tubular Newton
" Sales Code MLG1534"

Metal tube with hook.
Type A B C D E
Cap. (gms) 100 200 500 1000 2000
Metric/Newton (Combined)
" Sales Code MLG1535"
Type A B C D E
Cap. (gms) 102/1N 255/1.5N 510/5N 1020/10N 2040/20N
Dial Type
" Sales Code MLG1536"

A heavy aluminium alloy stoe enamelled body, with white dial, 152 mm dia, clearly calibrated in black; knurled zero adjusting knob; strong plated steel hanger and load hook.
Type A B C D
Cap.(gms) 0-10Kg x 50gm 0.20Kg x 100gm 0-40Kg x 200gm 100Kg x 500gm
Compression Balance:
" Sales Code MLG1537"

Plastic case, slopping front, detachable rigid plastic load pan, krumbbled zero adjusting control.
Type A B C D
Cap.(gms) 1Kg x 5gm 2Kg x 10gm 5Kg x 25gm 10Kg x 50gm
" Sales Code MLG1538"

With enamelled metal body - circular enamelled dial 175 mm diameter approx.; tinned pan 230 mm diameter approx.; zero adjuster. Graduation Kg.
Type A B
Cap. (gms) 0to 5 x 20 gm 0 to 10 x 50 gm
Hydrostatic Balance
" Sales Code MLG1539"

For Determining Specific Gravity By Archimedes Principle. With One Pair Of Long Frames And One Short Frame With A Hook Inderneath For Specific Gravity Experiments. With Three Pans ,Adjustablestand And Scale. Mounted On A Wooden Base.
Inertia Balance
" Sales Code MLG1540"

For Investigating The Nature Of Mass And The Distinction Between Mass And Weight. Two Metal Trays 130 X 55 X 23 Mm Are Joined Together With Two Spring Steel Strips Of 10 Mm Width , The Distance Between The Trays Being 215 Mm . One Tray Is Drilled To Accept 3 Equal Cylindrical Masses. The Other Tray Can Be Clamped To A Bench Horizontally Or Vertically. Complete With 3 Masses And A G-Clamp.


Friction Apparatus (Inclined Plain)
" Sales Code MLG1541"

For Experiments On Sliding Friction , Comprises Inclined Wood Plane 600 X 100 X 20 Mm ,With 22 Mm Diameter Pulley , Hinged To Wood Base 450 X 100 X 20 Mm With One Each Wood Blocks ,200 X 75 Mm And 100 X 75 Mm,Steel Block 100 X 75 Mm. Scale Pan 75 Mm Diameter ,Cord And Hooks.
Falling Bodies Apparatus
" Sales Code MLG1542"

To Demonstrate That A Body Impelled Horizontally Will Have Vertical Acceleration Same As That Of A Body Falling Freely.Two 19mm Dia Steel Balls Are Launched By Releasing A Push Button .This Projects One Ball Forward And The Other Falls Freely.This Mechanism Is Mounted On A Wooden Block ( 180X 60 X 30 Mm ).
' G ' By Free Fall Apparatus
" Sales Code MLG1543"

This Apparatus Consists Of A Solenoid ( For Prompt Release Of The Sphere On Being Disconnected ) And Gate Switch Unit Mounted On A Base Which Is Clamped On A 12 Mm Diameter Retort Stand Rod.Connections Are Made Through 4 Mm Sockets ,The Gate Switch Unit Consists Of A Hinged Metal Plate Held Against An Adjustable Contact By Means Of Small Permanent Magnet So That By Proper Adjustment The Plate Falls Promptly At The Impact Of The Falling Sphere.Centi Second Timer Can Be Used With This Apparatus.
Centi-Second Timer
" Sales Code MLG1544"

Mains Operated Electronic Timer Reads 0 To 99.99 Seconds.The Display Comprises Of Four 7 Segment Digits To Read Seconds And Centi Seconds.Two Pairs Of 4 Mm Sockets Colour Yellow (Start ) Black (Stop ) With Two Push Button Switches Are Controlled With A Mode Switch Which Enable Either Make Or Break Pulses To Be Used To Operate The Timer.
Power Supply : 2v / 0.5 A With Reset .
Centi-second Timer , Digital
" Sales Code MLG1545"

Mains Operated Electronic Timer Reads 0 To 99.99 Seconds. The Display Comprises Of Four 7 Segment Digits To Read Seconds And Centiseconds. Two Pairs Of Colour Coded 4 Mm Sockets With Push Buttons Are Controlld With A Mode Switch Which Enables Either Make Or Break Pulse To Be Used To Operate The Timer. With Re-Set Action.
Free Fall Tube ( Guinea And Feather )
" Sales Code MLG1546"

Hard Glass Tube 610 X 48 Mm ,With Two Ruber Bungs ,One Carring Brass Tube And 380 Mm Rubber Tubing For Evacuation By A Vacuum Pump .
Pendulum Bobs , Lead , Brass
" Sales Code MLG1547"

Comprising ,Sphere With Small Hook For Suspension
Available In Size : 13 , 19 & 25 Mm Diameter .
Scale Pans
" Sales Code MLG1548"

Light Alloy With Cords And Hook.
Scale Diameter : 75 Mm With Cords And Hooks
........................: 100 Mm With Chains And Rings .
Dynamics Trolleys
" Sales Code MLG1549"

A Pair Of Identical Wooden Trolleys ( 300 Mm Long ) Mounted On Three Wheels. A Spring Loaded Rod Is Fitted To Give Impulse When Released. It Has A Provision For Stacking The Trolleys On Top Of Each Other With Removable Pins.Complete With 3 Elastic Cords , 3 Springs , 8 Pins ( For Stacking ), 2 Rubber Corks , 2 Needles & 1 Releasing Pin.A Wooden Track 2 Meter Long Collapsable .The Track Provides An Easily Inclinable Smooth Surface .
Fletcher's Trolley
" Sales Code MLG1550"

Used For Performing Experiments On Velocity , Acceleration Etc, The Track 1720 X 150 Mm ,Is Fitted With Levelling Feet, Foam Covered Stops At Both Ends.And Aluminium Pulley 50 Mm Diameter.,An Arrangement To Release Trolley And Spring Steel Vibrator With Mark At 5hz And 8 Hz Is Provided ,With Accurately Balanced Wheels Running In Self Contained Support Brackets 5 Calibrated Weights , 2 Brushes , 200 Paper Strips , Ink , 50 Meters Of Cord And 3 Wooden Blocks .
Compound Pendulum, Reversible
" Sales Code MLG1551"

Comprises Of A Steel Bar , 1 Meter Long Drilled At 50 Mm Intervals , Removable Knife Edges And A Support Bracket For Mounting On Walls.
Compound Pendulum , Kater's Reversible
" Sales Code MLG1552"

Comprises Of A Brass Rod 120 Cm Long 10 Mm Dia, One Pair Each Of Small And Large Adjustable Brass And Wooden Masses , Two Steel Knife Edges Set In Adjustable Metal Holder And A Metal Support Bracket For Mounting On Walls.
Universal Force Table
" Sales Code MLG1553"

To Demonstrate , Triangle , Parallelogram And Polygon Laws Of Forces.The Disc Is Made Of Aluminium 40 Cm Dia Graduated In Degrees Provided With 4 Pulleys Having Index Mark.Heavy Cast Iron Base With Levelling Screws Is Provided .Supplied Complete With 4 Sets Of Slotted Weights 500 Gm .
Watt's Governor
" Sales Code MLG1554"

When The Governor Is Rotated Faster And Faster , The Balls Are Thrown Out By Centrifugal Force In An Ever Widening Circle.The Jointed Arms Above And Below Being Brought Closer And Closer Together As In Watts Steam Engine.This Illustrates The Flattening Of Planets At The Equator Owing To Their Rotation. Watt Governor Is Rotated With Help Of A Whirling Table.
Whirling Table
" Sales Code MLG1555"

It Can Be Used In Vertical Or Horizontal Position . It Is Fitted With Hand Wheel , Belt Driven Pulley And Adapter For Mounting Newton's Colour Disc , Watt's Governor , Savart's Toothed Wheel , Seebeck's Paratuses Which Need To Be Rotated.
Collision In Two Dimensions
" Sales Code MLG1556"

To Demonstrate The Principle Of Conversion Of Momentum And Show That Momentum Has Direction As Well As Magnitude. Consists Of A Curved Wooden Runway 280 X 76 Mm Length X Height With An 8 Mm Groove,An Index Mark Near Top And A Slotted Metal Plate At Bottom. A Device Can Be Attached To The Plate To Provide Support To The Object Sphere Either Exactly Opposite The Runway Or At Sightly Oblique Position. A Plumb Bob And 2 Steel Balls Are Provided. The Apparatus Can Be Fixed To The Table With A G- Clamp ( Which Is Not Provided )

  Lever Kit
" Sales Code MLG1557"

To Provide A Simple 'See-Saw' For Experiments On Balancing Masses ,Leading To The Principle Of The Lever. Comprises Five wood Beams Approximately 610 X 44 Mm Graduated At 38 Mm Intervals, Four U-Shaped Supports , Grooved To Locate Fulcrum Pins , 40 Brass Penny-Weights 25 X 25 X 2 Mm And 20 Fulcrum Pins.
Hard Wood Lever & S-Hooks
" Sales Code MLG1558"

One Meter Long Rule ,One Side Divided In Centimeters And Millimeters And Other Side In Inches And Tenths . Drilled Every 100 Mm With S-Hooks.
S- Hooks
" Sales Code MLG1559"

For Attaching To Cords For Lifting Of Various Items.
Simple Wheel And Axle
" Sales Code MLG1560"

Comprises Two Grooved Hard Wood Wheels 150 X 75 Mm Diameter Respectively With Metal Mounting Pin.
Compound Wheel And Axle
" Sales Code MLG1561"

With Aluminium Alloy Block Comprising Wheel ,100 Mm Diameter And Axles 50 Mm And 25 Mm Diameter,Mounted On Adjustable Steel Cones In Steel Frame,Mounted On Wooden Board With Four Holes For Wall Mounting,Complete With 5 Meters Nylon Cord And Steel Hook .
Metal Fly Wheel
" Sales Code MLG1562"

Approximately 200 Mm Dia By 44 Mm Wide Wheel, Mounted On A Balanced Horizontal Shaft In Metal Bracket ,With Four Holes For Wall Mounting.
Linear Air Track
" Sales Code MLG1563"

Triangular Section Alloy Track,Length 255 Cm ,With Staggered Air Holes .Supported On Two Light Alloy Castings Positioned 45 Cm From Each End Of The Track.One Support Has A Two Point Contact And Other A One Point Contact For Lateral And Horizontal Adjustments For Which A Knurled Screw Is Provided .Large Catapult Arms With Slots For Elastic Bands Are Fitted To Each End Of The Track.A Pulley Fitted To One End Of The Track Enables Experiments Involving Acceleration Under A Constant Force To Be Investigated.Identical End Caps Enable Air To Be Introduced From Either End Of The Track,Bung Being Supplied To Close The End Not Being Used. The Vehicles Buffer Attachments And Clamping Screws Are Matt Black To Help Interpretation Of Stroboscopic Photographs.
  Linear Air Track Accessories Kit
" Sales Code MLG1564"

Supplied Complete With , 2 Large Vehicles ( Mass 400 Gm, Length 215 Mm ) Qty Items
1 Small Vehicle ( Mass 200 Gm , Length 100 Mm )
2 Magnetic Buffers ( 25 Mm Dia )
2 Plasticine Holders ( 20 Mm Dia ) With Central Hole.
4 Catapults ( 45 Mm Wide ) With Slot For Elastic Band.
3 Steel Buffers With Central Hole.
4 Elastic Cords ( 220 Mm Long ) With Plastic Rings.
1 Reel Of Nylon Thread .
2 White Plastic Rods ( 4 Mm Dia 150 Mm Long ) For Stroboscopic Photography
24 Needles For Use With Steel Buffer .
20 White Plain Cards For Interrupting Light Beams.
1 Reel Rubber Strand
1 Pack Of Plasticine
20 Elastic Bands
1 Instruction Manual.
The Kit Enables The Air Track To Be Used To Its Full Potential, Providing Most Of The Necessary Equipment To Perform The Experiments Detailed In The Comprehensive Instruction Manual
Air Blower
" Sales Code MLG1565"

Suitable For Use With Linear Air Track ,With A Flexible Hose Terminating In A Tapered Adaptor. Power Supply 230 V, Ac 50hz.
  Foot Pump
" Sales Code MLG1566"

A Very Convient Air Pump Used In Laboratory For Various Applications.
  Photo Timing Gate
" Sales Code MLG1567"

Used As A Light Operated Timing Gate ,It Consists Of A Photo Detector And Light Source ( 2.5 V , 0.2 A Bulb ) Housed In Two Plastic Cases Held 40 Mm A Part On A Metal Rod ,4 Mm Socket Are Provided For Connecting It To The Electronic Timer.
Power Supply :- 2 V/ Ac.


Ticker Tape Timer A.C.
" Sales Code MLG1568"

Operates On 12v Ac .The Timer Employs Electromagnet With Spring Loaded Armature Which Vibrates Above A Support Table For A Carbon Paper Disc, Paper Tape,Drawn Through Guides On The Table ,Is Struck By A Dotting Screw Carried On The Armature .The Peg On The Support Table Is Movable To Allow Maximum Use Of Carbon Paper Disc. Supplied With 90 Meter Roll Of Tape And Carbon Paper Discs. The Ticker Tape Timer Produces Dots Spaced At 1/50 Or 1/60 Sec Intervals Depending On Main Frequency .Additional Bonus With Extra Guides Accomodates 4.5 Mm External Diameter Rubber Tubing For The ' Pearls In Air ' Water Drop Experiment.Power Supply 12 V/ Ac .
Ticker Tape Timer D.C.
" Sales Code MLG1569"

The Dots Are Spaced At 1/50 Sec .Power Supply 12v / D.C. Spares : Ticker Tape ,Width 9.5 Mm In Rolls , 300 M Long Carbon Discs , Pack Of 100
Stroboscope , Manual & Digital
" Sales Code MLG1570"
A High Quality Stroboscope To Cover The Requirements Of Various Levels Of Study , Features High Accuracy With Manual And Digital Readouts.Specially Designed , Compact & Enchased In Plastic Case.
Technical Specifications :
Description Model. Bsm-2000, Manual Model. Bsd-2001, Digital
Voltage : 220v,50hz 220v,50hz
Flash Tube : Xenon Long Life Steckbar Xenon Long Life Steckbar
Light Intensity : Max 350 Lux Max 350 Lux
Flash Duration : 7 Us 7 Us
Display : By Turning Knob Lcd Display
Frequency Range : 2,5..300hz=150...18000 1/Min
Range Division : 2,5.66,6hz=150.4000/Min/61,6.300hz-3700.18000/Min
  Stroboscope : Digital
" Sales Code MLG1571"

Used Wherever Motion Sequences Have To Be Analysed Or Rotation Speeds Have To Be Measured .Separate Control Unit And Hand Held Lamp.Suitable For Continious Operation.Bright Light Intensity Makes Measuring Possible Also By Day Light,Voltage & Frequency Out Put, External Tiggering Via Photo Emitter Inductive Sensor Or External Tiggering Signal For Observation Of Irregular Motion Sequences , Measuring Of Rotation Speed , Frequency And Period Length Direct Reading In The Required Unit,No Conversation Necessary.
  Technical Specifications:
Operating Voltage : 220c Ac ,50hz
Range : 20000 Rpm
Flashing Frequency : 330 Hz
Period : 3-300 Ms
Type Of Tube : Xenon Tube
Light Intensity : 2400 Lux
Accuracy : +/- 1 Digit
Indication And Measuring Ranges : Rpm - 200-20000
Hz - 3-33-Hz
Ms - 3-300 Ms
Internal Triggering : Range 1 - 200 - 4000 Rpm
Range 2 - 1000 - 20000
External Triggering : Synchronous With Mains Optical Emitter with Switch -Over To Bright Or Dark Markings, Inductive Emitter With Switchover To Gear Wheel Or Aperture Disk.Logical Signal , Alternating Current
Out Puts-Frequency : Logic Signal 15 V / 40 Ma
Voltage : 30mv / Hz , Linearity 5%
  Stroboscope , Hand
" Sales Code MLG1572"
Matt Black Finish,250mm Dia,With 12 Radial Slots Extending To Its Edge And Finger Hole . Rotates On Handle.
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