Rotary Microtome (Erma Japan type) MLG2667
Heavy cast iron base with entire mechanism covered with a heavy cast iron protective dust cover. It incorporates a Ball & Flange type object holder for exact centering of specimen. Lateral Movement of Knife holder ensures use of complete knife edge. Microtome has a feed range of 1-25 microns in steps of 1 micron each. Supplied with Razor 120 mm long with back and Handle, Dust cover, Honing Plate, Object Holder ( set of 3 ) and oil can. Razor supplied is made out of alloy steel & duly hardened for long lasting knife edge. Optional :- Wooden Storing Box.


Senior Rotary Microtome Model  MLG2668

For very precise sectioning of tissue upto 1 micron thickness. The feed indicator, located in front of Microtome is operated by the latest "CAM DRIVE SYSTEM" for accurate feed setting from 1-50 microns in steps of 1micron. The interior mechanism rests on a heavy cast iron base and is covered with a full swing protective cover for easier cleaning & lubrication. The salient Features include: independent feed mechanism with automatic safety device, universal knife holder with lateral movements permitting use of the entire Knife edge, Universal vice type object holder for accurate centering of the specimen. Supplied with the following Accessories : Razor 120 mm with back & handle in box :- 1 No.,
Oil Can & Dust Cover :- 1 No. each,
Honing stone in Box :- 1No.,
Object holder (set of 3) :- 1Set.



Automatic Razor Sharpener (Spencer type) Model  MLG2669

A portable and very precise automatic knives sharpening equipment for sharpening of all Microtome knives upto 180 mm in length and equipped with automatic timer to adjust sharpening time . The transparent acrylic cover encloses the entire working mechanism and provides a safe dust & grit free sharpening process.
The instrument is packed in a beautiful wooden cabinet along with following accessories:-
* Universal Knife Holder - 1
* Knife Inspection Block -1
* Redressing pad -1
* Honing plates-1
* Abrasive ( 250ml bottle)-1


Reading Telescope Model  MLG2670
Designed for general laboratory work. The telescope is mounted on 16 mm dia. & 45 cms. high rod fitted on heavy tripod base. The telescope is fitted with 25 mm clear aperture achromatic Objective & 10 x Ramsden Eye piece with cross wire. Focussing by rack & pinion from 1 meter to infinity. Suplied complete with perspex scale & scale holding attachment.

Advanced Reading Telescope Model  MLG2671
Provided with Heavy round base with levelling screws and 22 mm dia, 45 cms high steel chrome plated rod. The telescope is provided with Up & Down and To & Fro (Universal) motion with scale.

Astronomical Telescope Model MLG2672
Overall length of telescope is about 68 cms. It is fitted with 50 mm dia, 60x achromatic objective of Focal length 22 inches . The telescope is mounted on pillar having universal motion. The whole telescope is fitted on epoxy finished metal tripod stand about 4 feet high (adjustable). Telescope is packed in a velvet box.

Same as above but fitted with 62mm dia objective.

(Terrestrial Telescope) :- Same as Model but fitted with an extra Erector Tube (Terrestrial attachment). 


Spectrometer Standard (College Type) Model MLG2673
The spectrometer consists of a telescope and a collimator mounted on a stable heavy C. I. base with three levelling screws. The protected 150 mm (6") or 175 mm (7)" scale divided into 0-360 degrees in steps of half degrees can be read from both scales & moves along with the telescope to give its exact position. It gives accuracy of one minute of an arc or 30 seconds of an arc. Telescope is having an achromatic objective of 7" focal length and a Ramsden Eye Piece with a cross line graticule . The collimator is also fitted with 7" objective & adjustable precision vertical slit with jaws of non rusting metal. Both the telescope & collimator are having fine rack & pinion motion. In the centre of the table there is a prism table for clamping of prism or diffraction grating . Packed in a sturdy wooden box with instruction manual & duster.
l Available in Brass and Stainless Steel scale in both the sizes of 15.0 cm (6") and 17.5 cm (7") of protected circle.

Deluxe Spectrometer Model MLG2674
Specifications are same as above. Only fine adjustment to the telescope and collimator tubes are provided laterally as well as vertically for adjusting alignment. Available in both Brass and S.S. Scale in size of 6" and 7".


Film Slide Projector Model MLG2675
* Economy model : 100 Watt special projector lamp with power cooling system.
* 100 mm long Helical tube for focusing, fitted with triplet lens to project 2"x2" projector slides.
* Built in a beautiful compact body.
* Workable an 220 V AC.
* Packed in a velvet box along with metallic carriage for 2"x2" slides.

Deluxe Film Slide Projector Model MLG2676
35 mm slide projector is having compact, sturdy metal body. Equipped with superior Noiseless blower fan for cooling. Illumination through HALOGEN LAMP 24 volt - 150 watt with Solid State Transformer. High performance halogen lamp ensures bright & clear image. Provided with very fine focussing system.
Supplied with 2"x2" slide carrier in a beautiful velvet box .

Automatic Slide Projector Model Autofocus 520
* A Twin-Tray System, to choose between a Universal Slide Tray for 36/50 slides & Circular Tray for 100 slides.
* A Remote Control with cord for advancing the slides in any direction.
* A dual Switch mode that operates the cooling fan separately.
* Equipped with a powerful Halogen Lamp 24 volts- 150 watt.
* A Unique Thermostat device which automatically cuts off the lamp in case of overheating.
* Auto focus by thyristorized infra-red double Cds Autofocus Systems.
* Adjustable Auto timer with 5-40 seconds.
* An elegant easy-to-carry Case.
* Max thickness of slides -2.2 mm for Roto tray - 3.5 mm for Flat/Linear Tray.
* Halogen lamp 24V/150W l Power supply - 230V, 50Hz AC
* f-2.8: 85mm Coated lens
* Dimensions 300 x 275 x 120mm (approx.)
* Weight 5.40 kgs (approx.) excluding the outer pack.
Model AUTOFOCUS-540 All specifications as above except that remote control for advancing the slides is CORDLESS

Epidiascope (1000 Watt) Model MLG2677
An efficient air cooled Epidiascope gives a large, brilliant image of 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm Lantern slides , 5x5 cm Kodachrome slides, 35 mm film strips, microscope slides & opaque objects such as manuscript photos from News Paper, Charts, Magazines etc.
This convertible projector is equipped with high grade Anastigmatic lenses and surface coated reflecting mirrors which give brilliant image. Equipped with perfectly noiseless cooling fan with plenty of general ventilation.
Projection of opaque objects such as photographs/manuscripts are obtained by placing the specimens on large size table 12" x 9" which drops down three inches by a cam operated handle. Epidiascope can be used as a Slide Projector by the turn of a lever and by attachment of slide carrier .
This can also be used as Film Strip Projector & Microslide Projector with the aid of different accessories supplied alongwith. Complete with 1000 watts , 220/250 volt Projection Tube.


Over Head Projector Model MLG2678
Compact Overhead Projector projects bright & sharp images of T.P., X-Ray films and Slides on the wall or projection screen behind the operator . Equipped with best quality Double Fresnel Condensor and most efficient thermostatically controlled cooling system and Hi- Low Intensity switch for light intensity variation. Fitted with Microswitch contact Circuit system to ensure risk free operation. Projection head is having elevation device & sensitive focussing by Rack & Pinion. Supplied complete with writing pack consisting of color pencils, cellophane roll 10 mts and Dust cover. Nicely packed in Thermocal packing inside a sturdy cardboard box.
Specifications :-
Projection Lens :- Single Element lens, F- 254 mm
Condenser System :- Fresnel Condenser
Projection Lamp :- 24V-250 Watt Halogen Lamp
Power Source :- AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
Stage Aperture :- 250 x 250 mm (Working Size)
Cooling System :- Blower Cooled
Projection Distance :- 1.0 to 3.0 meters
Dimensions & Wt. :- 310x310x210mm,10kg (approx.)

Fitted with twin lamp for failure free presentation. Two lamps have been installed so that if one bulb fuses at any time, a change of the knob will light the second bulb instantly thereby eliminating any interruption during the presentation.

Optional Accessories for OHP :- OHP Stand , Laser Pointer, Spare Bulbs, OHP Cabinet, Transparency Making Kit , OHP Trolley, Projection Screen, Slide Attachment, Mounted Transparency Sheets etc.


Portable Over Head Projector Model MLG2679
A very compact and Light weight portable OHP which can be folded to be kept in a carrying case for easy portability . The Equipment incorporates Twin Lamp facility along with Three Element lens (315mm) system for razor sharp images, Built- in Lamp changer, quiet cooling fan, Lamp economizer circuit & Torroidal Transformer.
Specifications :-
* Projection Lamp : 24 V- 250 Watts, A1/223 Halogen
* Condenser System : Mirror Coated Fresnel Condenser A4 Size
* Power Source : AC 220- 240 V, 50 Hz
* Dimensions : 418 mm (L) x 318 mm (W) x 128 mm (H)
* Weight : 7.5 Kg (approx.)
Supplied in Moulded Luggage carrying case with standard accessories.

Projection Screens Model MLG2680
* Map Type (GE-104): Can be hung on the wall or Black Board with a hook.
* Wall Type with Spring Action (GE- 105) : A matt white screen on metal frame that can be quickly erected or dismantled for easy storage. It is tensioned with the help of a special spring automatic roller system.
* Seperate Tripod stand (foldable) is also available for above screens.
* Deluxe Projection Screen with Tripod Stand (GE- 106) :
Rolls up on a spring roller in a convenient rectangular metal housing and is mounted on a collapsible tripod stand (Heavy Duty) with Height adjustment .
All the above screens are available in following sizes :-
(A) 90 x 120 cms (B) 150 x 150 cms (C) 130 x 175 cms

Abbe Refractometer Model MLG2681
Suitable for testing and control of purity / quality of oils, sugar, paraffins, waxes , animal and plant fats, gylecerin, alcohol etc. Designed for Quick & convenient measurement of refractive index and also dispersion of liquids and solids.
* Measuring Range of Refractive index nD 1.300 to nD 1.700.
* Sugar percentage scale 0 to 95 % Brix.
* Attachable thermometer 0 to 50° C in metal jacket.
* Standard glass plate having refractive index of 1.509 and contact solution for standardization.
* Aluminium alloy casted rigid body.
* Nicely packed in plywood box with instruction manual , dust cover & cleaning cloth.
Supplied with four Test Plates for calibration.

Hand Held Refractometer Model MLG2682
A pocket refractometer designed on the principle of total reflection for measuring the refractive index . The built in occular scale gives direct reading for percentage of Sugar density. Packed in a beautiful velvet box.
A) Sugar scale 0-32% in division of 0.2 %
B) Sugar scale 0-50% in division of 0.2%
C) Sugar scale 58-92 % in division of 0.2%
D) Sugar scale 28-62% in division of 0.2% combined with nD 1.377 to 1.440 for NaCl reading.

Student Polarimeter Model MLG2683
A high quality sensitive polarimeter designed on Laurant Half Shade system for most accurate results, workable on sodium lamp unit. Heavy C.I. base with stand adjustable in height. Equipped with polarising unit. Analyser with precisely graduated circular scale capable of rotation and divided in single degrees. Vernier reading to 1/ 10°=6 minutes with slow motion mechanism. Supplied complete with 200mm Polarimeter Tube . Nicely Packed in card board box with instruction manual.

Bi- Quartz Polarimeter
Same as above but fitted with Bi-Quartz which is workable on white and sodium light.

Laboratory Polarimeter 220MM Model-MLG2684
* Sensitive rotating Laurant Half Shade device workable on sodium light source.
* Circular Scale 0-360° combined with sugar scale -0 to 30°s and +0 to 130° s mounted in dust proof metal housing.
* Vernier least count 0.05°.
* One piece Aluminium casted rigid body.
* Analyser & Polariser made of Polaroid.
* Polarimeter Tubes (Bubble type) of size 100 mm & 200mm made of thick wall Borosilicate glass.
* Nicely packed in Plywood box with instruction manual, dust cover & cleaning cloth.

Research Polarimeter 400mm Model MLG2685
* Sensitive rotating half shade device which accepts observation tubes upto 400 mm length.
* Accurate Glass scale is divided to read angular degrees and also carries sugar scale in I.S.S. units.
* Circular scale from 0-360° is sub-divided to 1°. Measuring accuracy by estimation 0.01°.
* The sugar scale from -30 to + 130° I.S.S. Units enables direct reading to 0.1 & by estimating of 0.02 sugar degree.
* Aluminium casted rigid body.
* Supplied complete with three Polarimeter tubes of size 100 mm, 200 mm & 400 mm made of Borosilicate glass.
* Packed in thick Plywood box with instruction manual & dust cover.
* Sodium Lamp( 35W) with Power Supply is also available for use with all the above Polarimeters.

Centrifuge Machine ( Electrical) Model MLG2686
Widely used in Pathological labs, Blood Banks, Educational Institutes for routine centrifuging tests. The centrifuge has a heavy gauge spun Aluminium guard bowl & cover, which completely encloses the head, Electrically operated, with the speed regulator switch having On/Off & five speed positions. Finished with attractive enamel paint. Packed in card board box.

Technical Specifications :- AC/DC motor with 3500 R.P.M. Works an 220-230 volts. Swing out rotor head & Angle rotor.
A) 4 Tubes x15 ml
B) 6 Tubes x15 ml
C) 8 Tubes x15 ml

Doctors Centrifuge Model MLG2687
Deluxe model with fixed angle rotor heads of 15ml tube capacity. Built in 5 step speed regulator. Capacity 8 tubes x 15ml

Hand Centrifuge Model MLG2688
Hand operated centrifuge machine can be fixed on a beach with the help of a clamp. Works on a worm & spiral gear drive. Comprises of detachable cork handle & centrifuge tubes. A)  2 tubes  x 15ml.  B) 4 Tubes x 15ml
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