Student Projection Microscope Model MLG2654
* Economy Projection Microscope having Coarse & Fine Focusing Mechanism .
* Built in Light with transformer and 3 step intensity control.
* Plain stage with stage clips for holding slides. (Graduated Mechanical stage is optional at extra cost)
* 360° revolving Projection Doom with 150mm (6") screen fits on the eye piece tube.
* Achromatic Objectives :- 10x and 20x (SL) or 40x (SL)
* Projection Eye Piece :- 10x (Huygenian)
* Packed in a sturdy wooden box with lock & key.

Advanced Projection Microscope Model MLG2655
* Microscope Body is heavy duty, inclined monocular type with sturdy base.
* Equipped with Coarse & Fine Focusing systems with Quadruple revolving Nose Piece.
* Plain stage (120x120mm) with graduated Mechanical Stage for X-Y movements of specimen slide.
* Built in light by 6V-20W halogen lamp with continuously variable light intensity control.
* The whole system of condenser & light arrangement is moveable up & down by rack & pinion to get the optimum results.
* Projection Doom of screen size 150 mm is rotatable through 360°.
* Objectives : Achromatic 10x & 20x/40x (SL)
* Projection Eye Piece : 10x (Huy)
* Packed in a thick and attractive plywood box.

Microscope Lamp
Microscope Lamp :- (Sub stage illuminator) Light alloy vented housing with blue filter and 220V, 15W bulb. Suitable for Student, Junior and Medical microscopes.

B) With stand, 220V AC.

Mechanical Stage
Mechanical Stage :- Graduated, Heavy pattern. Horizontal & vertical movements of 70 mm & 35 mm by Rack & Pinion.
• Economy Model of light pattern is also available.

Camera Lucida Mirror type
Camera Lucida Mirror type :- This instrument will fit on any straight monocular tube microscope. Very valuable in preparing accurate and neat drawings of microscopic materials. Supplied in velvet case.

Camera Lucida Prism Type : Same as above. Image with the help of the mounted Prism

Double Demonstration Eye Piece
Double Demonstration Eye Piece : This demonstration Eye piece fits any standard 23 mm dia. eye piece, making it possible for two persons to see the same object at the same time. Fitted with a pointer. Magnification : 10x.

Pointer Eye Pieces
Pointer Eye Pieces
Spare Huygenian Eye piece 10x or 15x or 5x accurately centered & fitted with a fine pointer. Supplied in a velvet case.
Micrometer Eye piece (10x)
Huygenian Eye piece 10x fitted with ocular disc of 10 mm divided into 100 divisions.

Dark Field Condenser Model MLG2656
Dark field condenser system is used to observe transparent objects. It comprises suitable immersion type dark field condenser with centering screws & achromatic objective 100x (SL) Oil Immersion with iris diaphragm for use with dark field as well as Bright Field.

Phase Contrast Equipment Model MLG2657
This attachment is useful for viewing the detailed structures of unstained or living specimens . The set consists of phase turret condenser N.A. 1.25 with Iris Diaphragm, Phase Achromatic Objectives Ph 10x, Ph 20x, Ph 40x and Ph 100x (oil immersion ) & a telescopic eye piece for centering. Complete in a black vinyl covered case. (Best Imported make) .

Photomicrography Equipment Model MLG2658
Used to take the photographs of specimens you are viewing with any of our Trinocular Microscopes. It consists of following items :-
a) An imported slr Camera with Field Lens (for routine Photography), with automatic electronic shutter speed control.
b) Eyepiece Tube Adopter.
c) Cable Release.
d) Photo Eyepiece P7x/ SP 2.5x.
e) Optional at extra cost :- Side View Finder to see the exact size & focusing of specimen.

CCTV System Coloured Model MLG2659
Consists of following :- (a) Imported High resolution CCD Camera for excellent image contrast of microscopic specimens with true colour reproduction. With Microscope Adopter.
(b) Colour Monitor :- A high resolution 14"/15" Colour monitor provides uniform, brilliant image. The monitor has brightness control and contrast adjustment knobs.

Microscope with DIGITAL CAMERA is also available. Kindly ask for the information on various options of Digital Cameras.

Binocular Mettalurgical Microscope Model MLG2660
For study of metal micro structure, alloys, semi-conductor device & all opaque materials.
* Fitted with Binocular Head assembled from hard coated prisms.
* Bright field horizontal illuminator with centering provision.
* Quadruple revolving nose piece, Straight Tube for microphotography & special Graduated Mechanical Stage.
* Supplied with variable light control transformer.
* Optical Combination
Objectives : Achromatic M 5x, M10x & M 45x (SL)
Eye Pieces : W/F 10x and Huy 5x or 15x (Paired)
* Packed in a sturdy wooden cabinet along with all standard accessories
Trinocular Mettalurgical Microscope Model GE-113 :- Some as above but with Trinocular head instead of Binocular.

Polarising Microscope Model MLG2661
Also known as Petrological or Petrographic Microscope and used by geologists to observe the optical properties of minerals.
* Monocular inclinable body having Coarse and Graduated Fine Focusing knobs reading to 0.002mm.
* Circular rotatable stage with clips, graduated 0-360° in steps of 5°.
* Analyser provided in pull out slides along with Bertrand Lens, 1/4 Wave-length retarding plate, gypsum plate etc.
* Plano concave Mirror for illumination.
* Objectives : P5x, P10x and P45x (SL)
* Eye pieces : WF10x, H5x with Cross and H10x Micro
* Packed in shock proof styrofoam case along with all standard accessories.

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope Model MLG2662
* Used for examination of live tissue culture, Plankton, Living protozoa etc. in Petridish, culture bottle etc.
* Fitted with Binocular Head assembled from coated prisms.
* Quadruple revolving Nose piece , Coarse & Fine graduated slow motion.
* Large stage with extension plates for large bottles & microfilter work.
* Provided with two stage clips and a removable central insert.
* Koehler's system illumination by a 6V-20W halogen bulb controlled by a built-in base variable intensity solid state transformer.
* Optical Combination :-
Objectives : Achromatic 5x,10x, LWD 20x & LWD 40x
Eye Pieces : WF 10x (Paired)
* Supplied in a sturdy plywood box with all standard accessories.


Travelling/ Vernier Microscope Model MLG2663
The microscope consists of a heavy cast iron base fitted with three levelling screws with the top machined over which slides a gun metal carriage. The slide can be clamped at any position by means of a clamping screw. Fine Adjustments for final reading is done with a micrometer screw. A vertical slide operating in a similar way is fitted on the horizontal carriage. The microscope with rack and pinion is fitted on the vertical or horizontal position of microscope. Microscope tube is fitted with 10x Ramsden Eye Piece with cross line graticule & an Achromatic 2"or 3" focal length objective of high quality. Travels 17 cms horizontally and 14 cms vertically. Guaranteed accurate vernier reading 0.02 or 0.01 mm. With swing out magnifier for reading vernier. Packed in a sturdy wooden box.

Deluxe Travelling Microscope Model MLG2664
Improved heavy design. Same as above model but provided with special arrangement for transverse motion for adjustment of pillar carrying the vertical scale & the microscope head . This motion is also graduated in millimeters having vernier reading of 0.1 mm. Supplied in a superior quality wooden box.  


Six Position Vernier Microscope Model MLG2665
Designed for use with Newton's ring Apparatus , also suitable for use in various positions . Microscope is mounted on a travelling carriage, fitted with 10x Ramsden Eye Piece, Cross Line Graticule, Achromatic Objective. Fitted with Stainless Steel scale . Microscope travels 16.5 cms. Vernier reading 0.02 to 0.01 mm. Base is made of heavy cast Iron

Newton Ring Microscope Model MLG2666
* Compact instrument with full arrangements for conducting Newton's Ring experiment.
* A standard microscope unit with 30x magnification and rotatable cross line eye piece.
* Focusing of microscope is through Rack and Pinion.
* Longitudinal movement of 26 mm is done by rotating the drum provided which reads upto 0.001cm.
* Complete with optical glass and convex lens inside a metal case.
* Packed in a sturdy wooden box along with all standard accessories.
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